I Heart Stella.

attitude II

i love my scooter. random people stop to talk to me, tell me about the scooter they used to have… tell me about vacations to italy… it’s great.

as i was parking tonight at the newport pier, a guy comes over to me. apparently he heard my scooter and had to come talk to me…

"hey. what year is your P?"

(for non-scooterists… that’s short for Vespa P150/P200 series scooters)

"it’s not a P. it’s a 2005 stella"

"wow. i heard it and had to come over… i was sure it was a P200"

Anthony. he used to own a scooter shop in the LA area called Slightly Modified. he knows his scooters. and he heard my scoot and thought i was riding a P series Vespa. he was so excited he came all the way across the parking lot to talk to me about it. take that, mr ‘so-you-ride-a-vespa-knockoff’

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