I Heart Stella.

classic cars

saturday afternoon, beautiful day. i stopped for gas in buellton california.

the only gas station in buellton. when i pulled up, there was an RV and another car… they weren’t filling up though.

it turns out that on the pump it said “Please See Attendant”. so did the rest of the pumps. the only problem was that the door was locked. no attendant in sight. on a saturday afternoon.

i chuckled to myself… the other people were getting frustrated. i was mostly amused. maybe it was because i wasn’t in as much of a hurry. maybe because i think that’s a lame reason to get worked up.

so i went over to the classic car lot next door. chatted with the two older chaps sitting in the shade. watching the frustration of everyone that drove up, looked at the pumps, looked around in confusion, then left.

i guess the person that was supposed to open that saturday never showed up. so people came and went, using their credit cards until one by one the pumps stopped working. by the time i got there, the whole station was shut down.

about an hour later, the owner showed up. obviously he wasn’t too happy. got everything working, unlocked the bathroom (i was pretty stoked about that).

but i’d had a great break, and a great chat. i’m glad i stopped for gas at a station that was closed. i got to meet a couple of great guys… that wouldn’t have happened if i’d just filled up then been on my way.

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