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how to pull a vespa cable housing

i really like the lines of the vespa/stella/bajaj scooters. they’re clean and uninterrupted by cables. unfortunately these cables have to go somewhere to get from the handlebars to the engine where they’ll actually do some good. that means they’ve gotta go through the frame. this can make replacing the cables a bit of a pain…

when i was in seattle last summer i had to do an emergency cable housing repair. luckily, my amazing scooter mechanic Dave had some great advice on how to pull the new housing through the frame. it’s actually quite slick:

  1. leave your old cable housing in the scooter. if you take it out, you'll have to pull the cables the hard way. and that's no fun.
  2. go to a bike shop and buy the longest brake cable you can get. it has to be at least twice as long as the housing you're replacing. mine came with two ends on it—you can just cut one of 'em off.
  3. cut off any extra stuff from the headset end of your broken housing. we'll be pulling it backwards through the frame, so we don't want it to get stuck.
  4. feed your bike shop brake cable into the new housing. stick the brake cable into the headset (top) end of the housing. the headset end of the housing might have a big bulge that doesn't look like it'll fit through the frame. about six feet of brake cable should be sticking out of your new housing.
  5. now feed the brake cable into the old housing. you should have two cable housings strung together on your bike shop brake cable. the end of the brake cable will be sticking out of your scooter wherever your old cable housing ended.
  6. pull on the bike shop cable end until the new housing is in place. i didn't have to pull very hard, but you might. your new cable housing is in place, so take out the brake cable, insert your new cable, and you're good to go!

note: this method will usually work with any of the cables on your scooter. i have heard that, on some scooters, the shift cable pairs are hooked together somewhere in the middle of the scooter. if yours are hooked together, you might run into some problems with this method. have fun replacing them the other way! bonus link: check out the cable page from scooterhelp's p-series parts diagram for a better idea of what's happening with the cables inside your scooter.

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