I Heart Stella.

i am a moron.

i stopped by the scooter lounge the other day to change the fuel tap on my scooter.

some background: a fuel tap is a little lever with three settings (on, off, and reserve). “on” stops working a bit before the tank is actually empty, so that you can switch to “reserve” and still make it to a gas station. on older bikes and scooters this is the only way to know when your fuel is low. newer bikes (like my stella) have a fuel gauge as well. but the fuel tap is still there for backup.

except that my fuel tap stopped working last summer, about the time my gas gauge died. so i had no indication when i was almost out of fuel. pushing my scooter to gas stations every time i ran out of gas was getting annoying, so i broke down and ordered a new fuel tap.

and i stopped by the scooter lounge the other day to change the fuel tap on my scooter.

well, “stopped by” seems pretty nonchalant. “pushed my scooter ten blocks to the scooter lounge after i ran out of gas” would be a bit more accurate.

i spent a couple of hours replacing it (a complicated process that involved taking my scooter most of the way apart so that i could remove the gas tank). while i was at it, i adjusted my shift cables, did a bit of odd maintenance.

got it all bolted back together and realized that i couldn’t find my gas cap. poop.

it’s inside my scooter.

i think i’ll just order a new one.

edit: dave at the scooter lounge says he found my gas cap!

i’m mostly excited because it means i won’t have to take my scooter apart again.

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