I Heart Stella.


for those who haven’t yet heard, i hate stella.

well, not really. but i am a bit irritated with her at the moment.

i was cruising from hollywood to san francisco the other night when she exploded.

i guess ‘exploded’ isn’t quite the right word. it looks like she overheated and sprayed molten bits of aluminum all over her insides. the piston doesn’t move anymore. it’s seized pretty good. the kick start doesn’t move. there are little beads of aluminum in the spark plug.

she is a sad, sad stella.

and she’s stuck at a gas station in pismo beach.

this has not been my week. or month. or whatever.

ever since my ipod died… and now my external hard drive makes evil noises and doesn’t read. and stella. whatever am i going to do with you?

more on this later, once i figure out how to get her to sacramento and get her taken apart. do a biopsy, see what the damage is.

the best part is that i can’t really afford any of this right now.


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