I Heart Stella.

legshield mirror: friend or foe?

the stock mirrors on a stella (or just about any other p series, for that matter) are worthless. they give me a nice clear view of my shoulders. definitely less effective.

so i got a legshield mirror. you know, those little mirrors that clamp on down by the floorboard?

legshield mirror - photo from scooterworks.com

yeah. one of those.

after a couple of months of riding with it, i feel like i can give it a solid review.

legshield mirror cons:

  • the legshield mirror has a death wish. one of the things dave from the scooter lounge warned me about when i bought the mirror was how hard they are to keep on the bike. the little buggers like to vibrate loose, or get kicked, bumped, and otherwise molested by everyone and their dog. actually, i don't know whether a dog has run into my mirror yet, but i'm sure it would fall off if he did. the best way to keep the mirror on is a nice impact wrench. torque it down until you don't think it'll take any more, and it prob'ly won't fall off. until you hit it on a parked car, that is.
  • as much as the stock mirrors vibrate, it feels like the legshield mirror vibrates more. in the wrong rpm ranges everyone behind me is transformed into a blur of lights and colors. this one isn't too big a deal, since i got used varying engine rpm to adjust the stock mirror vibration.
  • normal mirrors are above the headlight level of most cars. lifted trucks will give you trouble, but cars are pretty safe. i found out that a mirror at ground level is really good at reflecting light into my eyes. i think high beams are even better, because they aim at my back instead of my legshield mirror. since a halogen headlight in my peripheral vision is more than a bit distracting, i usually sit at stoplights with my left leg blocking the glare.
  • it's hard to adjust a legshield mirror while driving. i'm sure it looks pretty goofy too...
  • because the legshield mirror is a good three feet further from my eyes, the focal length is pretty crap. in other words, i can't see as much in the legsheld mirror as i could with the stock mirrors. i know a kid who put a little fisheye backup mirror on his, which apparently solved the problem. i still haven't had a chance to try it out.

legshield mirror pros:

  • legshield mirrors are sexy. one of my biggest complaints about the profile of a p series is the mirrors. they just don't look like they belong. a nice legshield mirror keeps the profile clean, and even adds a bit of hotness.
  • i can see past my shoulders. this is the big one. a legshield mirror is perfectly placed for a scooter. it looks right down the side of the bike, offering an unobstructed view of anything behind me.
  • it's not rusty. my other mirrors were. the cheap indian chrome job couldn't stand up to much abuse, so a little cold weather and bunch of dead bugs did it in. it was time for a new mirror anyway, so it was the perfect chance to try a legshield mirror.
  • it's legal. at least in the state of utah. riding without mirrors (like i was for a couple months before i bought the legshield mirror) isn't legal. and legal is usually better than illegal.
  • this mirror is quality. the chrome is good, the mirror is good, the rubber is definitely better than the rubber on the rest of my scooter. but that's a complaint for another blog post.

in a nutshell, it’s a good investment. even though i can’t see things quite as well as i’d like, i can at least see farther than my shoulders. the build quality appears to be good. the clamp, however, could be redesigned. i’d get another one. except i don’t have another scooter to put one on. so i guess i’m saying that i’d get it again… i’m a fan.

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