I Heart Stella.

lightning in mountain home

that had to have been one of the most surreal storms i’ve been caught in.

i was riding toward boise, about an hour out. the rain clouds on the horizon looked ominous, but i’ve been wet before.

and then the lightning. that was cool too. except that i was heading straight into it. i thought it might be a good idea to pick up some rain gear, so i turned around and headed back to the walmart in mountain home, idaho.

and that’s when i noticed the rest of the storm. what i thought was a storm on the way to boise was behind me as well. in fact, i was almost surrounded by this crazy, dark thunderstorm. it was odd that it was still so warm and dry right in the middle of it all. but i wasn’t about to complain.

made it to walmart, found out they didn’t have any rain gear, and about then the rain let loose. it seems the storm wasn’t all that small. it was about 50 miles wide, and went from twin falls idaho to portland oregon.

there was no way i’d ride through that.

so i found a hotel. i’ll get a fresh start on things in the morning.

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