I Heart Stella.

Orem to Logan and back

i’m working on a writeup on how to prepare for a scooter road trip. until then, here are a couple of thoughts from my trip to logan and back last weekend:

3:00 am + hydration backpack + diet mountain dew = roadtrip!

the hydration packs don’t really mean it when they say not to put soda in them. it worked just fine for me. :-)

my fuel reserve works again! you have to idea how cool this is. i’ve run out of gas far too many times… i don’t really like pushing my scooter to a gas station. it looks like i have about 25 miles of gas left after switching over to reserve.

sardine canyon wasn’t quite as cold as last time. no complaints here. in fact there were times when it was downright warm for three in the morning. of course this was offset by the looming rainclouds and the occasional threatening sprinkles.

my stella scooter goes downhill just as fast at 1/3 throttle as wide open. i realized riding down sardine canyon that my scooter would go about the same speed downhill whether i had the throttle pegged, or i just gave it enough to maintain speed.

cache valley smells like poo. it’s the truth.

having a properly tuned scooter makes a big difference. i know i’ve been running rich, but i just bought a set of boyesen power reeds for my stella, and i didn’t want to adjust the jetting twice. so i rode to logan rich, and it made a huge difference. my top end suffered, i’m sure my gas mileage suffered. my spark plug was a bit ugly when i got there…

there are a lot of people who want to buy my scooter. for about 500 bucks. no thanks. i ran into another one at the logan walmart while i was investing in the mountain dew lifeline featured above…

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