I Heart Stella.

the stella

my primary mode of transportation is a 2005 stella, manufactured by LML for the genuine scooter company. you can see a photo of her at the top of this page.

you’ll notice that my stella looks a lot like vespa’s PX 150. in fact, my scooter is almost 100% parts interchangeable with my friend’s 2005 “serie america” PX 150 made by vespa. this isn’t an accident. but before you hassle me about riding a vespa knockoff, you should know a bit about stella’s heritage.

volkswagen enthusiasts will remember how the vw beetle kept rolling off the assembly line in mexico until 2003, long after the german factories had ceased production. these mexican beetles were made by volkswagen, with the same tooling and technique as their german brothers. they were, effectively, the same car.

the stella shares much the same relationship with the PX 150. for many years LML and piaggio built P series vespas in india. when piaggio pulled out of the joint venture, LML continued cranking them out. branding them as “NV 150”, which is said to stand for “New Vespa”. they kept the same tooling and the same parts, making small improvements through the years. in 2003, genuine scooter company contacted LML about importing these scooters to the US under the name “stella”.

which is what i ride. a stella. a beautiful scooter which has a rich heritage shared with LML and vespa scooters for almost thirty years. i don’t ride a moped. i don’t ride a vespa knockoff. i ride a stella.

if you’re interested, you can read more information about the similarities (and differences) between the genuine stella and the vespa PX 150.