I Heart Stella.


how to pull a vespa cable housing

  • 21 October 2007

i really like the lines of the vespa/stella/bajaj scooters. they’re clean and uninterrupted by cables. unfortunately these cables have to go somewhere to get from the handlebars to the engine where they’ll actually do some good. that means they’ve gotta go through the frame. this can make replacing the cables a bit of a pain…

when i was in seattle last summer i had to do an emergency cable housing repair. luckily, my amazing scooter mechanic Dave had some great advice on how to pull the new housing through the frame. it’s actually quite slick:

attitude II

  • 26 July 2006

i love my scooter. random people stop to talk to me, tell me about the scooter they used to have… tell me about vacations to italy… it’s great.

the alpine loop

  • 4 July 2007

i love the alpine loop. i took a nice two hour scooter ride with sam and thomas, and with a cute gal on the back. it’s been a great fourth of july.

google map of the alpine loop

i think the alpine loop is my favorite ride in the Provo Utah area. at just over an hour, it’s long enough to be a good ride, but not so long that it gets monotonous.

it’s quite a bit of fun. it’s wooded so most of the ride is in the shade. it’s beautiful, especially in the afternoon when the sun is shining through the trees. the roads are all twisty and fun, and there isn’t much traffic to deal with. at times it’s a bit steep, but riding two-up on a 150cc, i was able to handle it okay.

one of these days i’m going to organize a scooter camping trip, and there’s a good chance we’ll end up there.

but for now, off to a barbecue and the watching of the fireworks.

today my gas gauge decided to work: ten things i hate about stella scooters

  • 22 May 2007

i love my scooter. i love the quirks, i love almost everything about it. but stellas do have a few problems, and mine is no exception. today (just as i was about to run out of gas) i realized that my gas gauge started working. it hasn’t worked consistently in about a year, so this was a surprise. in honor of my suddenly cooperative fuel gauge, i decided to mention some of the problems i’ve run into on my stella.

road trip 2.0 starts tomorrow night

  • 11 July 2007

my cousin’s getting married this weekend in southeastern washington. i was planning on flying but i was starting to feel a bit restless (plus i didn’t find a good deal on airfare). so i’ll be taking my scooter.