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Tank scooters

Tank: the Cadillac of scooters?

  • 18 June 2007

last week I wrote a bit about the Tank scooter that a friend bought for cheap… you’ve gotta check out the owners manual excerpts he posted on his blog. they’re fantastic.

I recently purchased a new scooter. It’s a Tank, which anyone who knows about scooters will tell you is the best top-off-the-line scooter you can buy. They’re also the most expensive. Think of Tank as the Cadillac of scooters. I got mine for $250.

my favorite?

Ride the motorcycle from the left side and seat well, the left foot touch with room, and avoid to rave.

disposable scooters

  • 11 June 2007

a couple of years ago i bought a printer for about $25. the print quality was great for such a cheap printer. it did a decent job on photos, and it was perfect for term papers. but when it finally ran out of ink, i realized what the catch was. it would cost me about twice the original price of the printer to replace the ink. i had purchased a disposable printer. it was more economically viable for me to get rid of the “used” printer and to buy a new one than it was for me to buy new ink cartridges.

i bring this up on a scooter blog because a friend of mine is buying a used scooter for a couple hundred bucks. he knows it’s a terrible scooter, but he’s excited anyway. you see, at that price it’s a disposable scooter.

he was telling me about it. he couldn’t remember the brand, but he said, “the only good thing it has is the remote start”.

oh. so you’re getting a Tank. i know a thing or two about Tank…

in my opinion, any company that offers a three year, 36,000 mile warranty which covers nothing is more than a little shady.