I Heart Stella.


how to pull a vespa cable housing

  • 21 October 2007

i really like the lines of the vespa/stella/bajaj scooters. they’re clean and uninterrupted by cables. unfortunately these cables have to go somewhere to get from the handlebars to the engine where they’ll actually do some good. that means they’ve gotta go through the frame. this can make replacing the cables a bit of a pain…

when i was in seattle last summer i had to do an emergency cable housing repair. luckily, my amazing scooter mechanic Dave had some great advice on how to pull the new housing through the frame. it’s actually quite slick:

legshield mirror: friend or foe?

  • 26 June 2007

the stock mirrors on a stella (or just about any other p series, for that matter) are worthless. they give me a nice clear view of my shoulders. definitely less effective.

so i got a legshield mirror. you know, those little mirrors that clamp on down by the floorboard?

legshield mirror - photo from scooterworks.com

yeah. one of those.

after a couple of months of riding with it, i feel like i can give it a solid review.