I Heart Stella.

the faq

this page exists for purely selfish reasons… i hear a couple of questions all the time. if i answer them here i might save myself answering them in real life a couple more times.

where are you going?

honestly? i don’t really know.

that’s part of the fun, you know? i mean, i have a general idea. i started in utah, i went up to vancouver, bc, and i’m heading generally south. i like the pacific coast highway. and i think i’ll make it to mexico. sometime. that’s about how much thought i put into route and trip planning.

i think it’s a matter of perspective. you see, this isn’t a trip to get somewhere. when you travel with a destination in mind, the time spent on the road is an inconvenience. something to be endured between the endpoints of your trip.

this trip isn’t like that.

it’s about enjoying the journey. i’m in no hurry to get anywhere. as i travel i hear of places that i might like to visit. usually i check them out. i have friends all over. sometimes that influences my route. sometimes i’m riding down a road and i see an interesting sign, and i follow it. that’s how i found LA96C…

do you take that thing on the freeway?




how do you carry your stuff?

about like this:

i learned a while back that it’s almost impossible to describe it to someone. so i’ll show you.

i have three pieces of luggage. there’s a sleeping bag strapped on above the tail light. i throw a duffle bag across the seat behind me (where a cute gal would normally ride…) and i either wear my backpack or i strap it to the top of the duffle bag. i don’t normally feel like wearing it.

then i have some random stuff in my glove box, i have a gas can hanging from the bag hook… i think that’s about it.

how fast does it go?

it depends on how she’s feeling. on a good day, she tops out around 70 mph. usually she cruises closer to 65.

why don't you get a 'real' motorcycle?

i don’t like this question. maybe because it implies that i’m riding a scooter because it’s the ‘next best thing’.

i’m not riding this thing because i couldn’t afford a ‘real’ motorcycle. you could get a pretty decent bike for what this cost.

i’m also not riding it because i can’t ride a ‘real’ motorcycle. i have my motorcycle license. i’ve taken the same test that enables people on crotch rockets and choppers to terrorize the pavement of our fair state.

i’m riding this because i love it. i actually want to ride a scooter.

you prob'ly get pretty good gas mileage, huh?

relatively… it all depends on your definition of ‘good’.

stock, some people get 90 mpg out of these things. i’ve never been close to that. i think i’m too agressive in my riding style. i think i got about 65 mpg before i modified it.

now, i get around 45.

i traded that extra mileage for a bit higher top speed, a ton more accelleration and the ability to maintain speed going up hills. as a bonus i can do wheelies in first and second.

how far have you gone?

i rode my stella from utah to canada almost to mexico, between may and july 1006. i managed to make it about 5800 miles before my crank met it’s untimely demise.