I Heart Stella.


our story starts in february 2006 with an impromptu trip to portland for the portland lindy exchange. around 10:30 at night, i decided that i wanted to go. about half an hour later buzz, virgil and i were on the road.

from there, my boss flew me to new york city to do a bit of work. three weeks worth of work, to be exact.

then to sacramento, for the sacramento lindy exchange. which was pretty OK as well.

somewhere in the middle of that month as a vagabond, i realized what a tentative concept ‘home’ is.

it was as if i didn’t have a home. sure i was paying rent. my clothes and everything had somewhere to live.

but why did it have to be that way? i worked for a company based in connecticut. and i lived almost all the way across the country. i had very few commitments, nothing other than the ties of acquaintances to keep me in one place over another. but i have friends everywhere.

so what was keeping me in one place? i couldn’t figure it out.

i decided to leave…

during the trip i wrote a faq page. i’m keeping it around, but it’s no longer updated, since i’m no longer on a summer long scooter adventure.