I Heart Stella.

stage one

mission: provo to seattle in time for the blues party

i started the summer with a only a hundred miles on my new top end (installed by dave at the scooter lounge). the manufacturer suggested breaking it in nice and slow for the first five hundred miles, so i decided to start by taking back roads to logan, ut.

it turns out that five hundred miles is really long when you can’t go faster than 35mph.

at this point my only plan was to make it to seattle in time for a blues party.

i didn’t.

between some strange electrical problems on the way to logan, a huge thunderstorm in mountain home that forced me to hole up in a hotel room for the night, and my scooter catching fire in boise, there was no way i could make it. i was pretty bummed.

after two days on the road, i stayed the night with my parents in southeastern washington, less than three hours from my destination. i headed to seattle in the morning.