I Heart Stella.

stage zero

i usually describe the trip as a spontaneous decision. a spur-of-the-moment adventure. that isn’t completely accurate. the decision to go on a west coast scooter trek was pretty spontaneous, but i did have a couple of weeks to prepare for it.

i started my preparation with a test run to Saint George, UT. i went to a cinco de mustache party then rode home. the trip was only about 500 miles, but i learned a couple of important lessons. lessons like “my scooter is a bit slow for freeway travel” and “i should get some rain gear.”

i made my scooter faster as soon as i got back to provo. it took me nearly a month to get the rain gear.

i took my scooter to the scooter lounge, which just happens to be the coolest scooter shop in the entire universe. they made her go fast, they offered advice and encouragement. and they gave me a business card with a cell number scrawled on the back in case i ran into trouble along the way.

i was ready to go.