I Heart Stella.

today my scooter caught on fire.

it was a small fire. and the part that died isn’t vital. but it did clear up the fuse mystery.

i stopped by the scooter shop in boise to see if they could do anything about the tail light fuse. we pulled her apart, but didn’t find anything obvious, so jordan had me follow him up to their shop. i think we made it a block before she started on fire.

i hate the smell of burning plastic.

turns out there was a white plastic thing called a switching module that was defective on my scooter. the switching module was added on the more recent stellas, and does something that helps keep the battery from dying, or something like that. but not the least bit essential for stella to run.

since it’s not a part they keep on hand, we remedied the situation by bypassing the switching module completely. i’ll get it fixed later, i guess.

but the four hour delay was enough to keep me from making it to seattle on time. poop.

the lady at the scooter shop thought i might make it to the base of the blues. i made it to tri-cities before it got completely dark.

i stopped for the night at my parents’ house. four hours short of seattle.

they’ll have to have the party without me.

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